On August 31, Heechul revealed his new haircut for his fans to see through twitter.

Heechul took intimate photos with Kim Jang Hoon and Siwon, titling the one with Kim Jang Hoon, “Long Hair Versus Short Hair.” As it is seen, Kim Jang Hoon has a long and wavy hairstyle while Heechul simply has a short and sharp hairstyle. He jokingly added how he looks like “Lady Chunja” which means a lady with an eccentric image and personality..

Netizens gave comments such as, “Even with short hair, he looks like a top star” and “His new hairstyle doesn’t hinder him from looking good.”

Heechul later replied by saying, “I hope I’m not causing too much trouble with my military enlistment. I’m really happy that I’m receiving a lot of positive comments – it’s really helping me get ready for the military. I will be seeing my members again in one month so no worries.”

Heechul, along with his fellow Super Junior members, have been busy promoting their 5th album’s title song, “Mr. Simple.” Many fans were surprised by Heechul’s sudden enlistment into the military right after the release of Super Junior’s 5th album. Heechul will be serving for the military base in Chungnam – he will first go through four weeks of basic training and then he will officially serve in the military for twenty-three months.

Heechul and Siwon posing with Heechul’s cat, Heebum