Super Junior’s Heechul went to see fellow member Ryeowook’s musical, “Temptation of Wolves.” On August 18th Heechul wrote on his twitter, “With Henry and Zhou Mi, I went to go see ‘Temptation of Wolves.’ A new side of Ryeowook! I kept thinking of the Ryeowook as a good looking serial killer.” Heechul shared the picture with all of them together.

Super Junior’s Heechul announced on August 22nd that he will enlist in Korean military on September 1st. The multi-talented pop star will report to the Nohn San Training Facility on September 1st and go through a four week basic training process, before serving the mandatory 23-month service as a public service employee.

The synopsis of “Temptation of Wolves” (Which is a movie remade into a musical) is the following:

A young girl named Jung Hankyung moved from the country side to Seoul to live with her mother.  She is accident prone and clumsy. While living in Seoul, her life has been full of series of traumatizing events and she is claimed as the girl of two different attractive guys Ban Haewon and Jung Taesung.

The musical is playing at the Cooex Artrium Hyundai Art Hall until October 30th of 2011.