The rookie girl group Hello Venus’ youngest member Yooyoung‘s photos were revealed. She showed a sudden growth and change within a year in two revealed photos.

On June 20, Yooyoung posted on her me2Day, “I was going through a pile of my old photos today and it was very weird to see me changed so much. The left photo is taken about a year ago on my way to the studio to practice after school, and the second photo on the right was taken during my first profile shooting,” along with two photos.

The photos reveal Yooyoung’s sudden growth and change from a normal high school girl about a year ago to a matured lady.

As a youngest member of Hello Venus, Yooyoung is in charge of the innocent-beauty in the group. Also when Yooyoung wore the school uniform, she showed a purity and freshness of high school girls.

Yooyoung said, “I feel like I have changed a lot in such a short period of time. I think it’s all because of fans who cheer for us watch us with expectations. I had a very touching evening,” and added a grateful note.

Netizens who came across the photos commented, “She looked beautiful then and still looks beautiful now,” “She was a goddess even in the past,” “Can’t help but to love her,” and “She looks so pure and fresh with a school uniform on.”

Hello Venus is a rookie girl group with six members. They debuted May 11, on “M! Countdown.” They are currently very active with their debut song, “Venus,” and they are planning on coming up with a follow-up song.