On a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, Henry (31) talked about his age and how it affected his daily routine.


On the show, Kim Goo Ra mentioned how mature Henry looked after a long time of not seeing each other.

You’ve gotten a lot more mature since I last saw you. Are you in your early 30s now?

— Kim Goo Ra


And Henry did not want to talk about it.

Don’t talk to me about age.

— Henry


Henry confessed that talking about age stresses him out and shared that he’s been pretending to be younger these days.

I’m stressed because of age these days. I’ve been pretending to be young.

— Henry


He then went on to reveal how age has been catching up to his hairline and how he deals with it in his daily routine.

As I get older, my forehead’s getting bigger. So even today, I sprayed darkening powder on my hairline.

— Henry


Despite only being 31 years old, Henry is feeling the stress of getting older.


But he shouldn’t worry since he’s looking better than ever!


Age is just a number, right?