On March 14 episode of “We Got Married,” Henry visits Yewon‘s house and the two go on a two-hour date.

When Henry sees that Yewon has a keyboard in her house, he asks if she’s a good piano player. Yewon replies, “Aren’t you really good at playing?” and tries to say no when Henry asks her to play for him. Henry then tells her that he is not very good, and begs her to play, saying, “Just once, please!”

Finally Yewon accepts, and after practicing for a little bit, she plays a song from Taiwanese movie “Secret.”

henry yewon

After listening to her play, Henry is extremely impressed and constantly compliments her. When Yewon says she could play a different song better, Henry helps her out by playing with her. The two mess up while playing and smile awkwardly at each other.

we got married

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