On August 2nd, Henry Lau uploaded a video to his fans on his personal youtube account. In the video, which was recorded while he was in New York, he tells how much he misses his fans and that he hopes to get back to the music scene as soon as he can. He also jokes about being in front of a playground waiting for a bus to go to Boston.

He also hints that in Boston, he’d be meeting up with some writers to start working on new music. He said: “We’re gonna be meeting up with some crazy writers and we’re gonna put together some crazy music” while the person who was recording the video makes the statement of this revelation to be as “EXCLUSIVE”. He does not reveal anything else but, maybe we can expect new music for Super Junior M? Who knows!

While waiting, he tells how many beautiful places he has visited, that he loved New York City and he also expects to come back. By the end of the video, he asks to his fans to keep giving him support and love and that he’ll come back with nice music for his fans.



Source: Henry’s youtube account and @henrybiased