On the recent episode of KBS’s “Hello,” which was aired on July 8, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and Ryeowook, Henry, and EXO’s Suho, Kris, and Chanyeol appeared as special guests.

When the topic of being self-conscious due to a complex came up, Chanyeol revealed, “My ears are really pointy. Now, I consider them to be charming, but when I was young, my nickname used to be Yoda and freak.”

Ryeowook then stated, “My complex is my skinny arms. They are skinnier than girls’. I usually don’t wear short sleeved shirts.” When Ryeowook’s arm was compared to Eunhyuk’s arm, who is well-known for his slim figure, his arm appeared to be indeed very thin.

When it was Henry’s turn to reveal his complex, he stated, “My nostrils are heart-shaped.” When this fact was verified as Henry tipped his head back to show his nostrils, the emcees comforted Henry as they said, “When you ask a girl out, do what you just did. Your nostrils should not be your complex.”

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