Heo Young Ji recently held an interview, where she showed her affection for her former KARA members and talked about her relationship with Guckkasten’s Ha Hyun Woo.

On her fellow former KARA members, she commented, “I still keep in touch with the other members. They give me a lot of support. They’re the type to quietly watch over me. It was like that when we were KARA too. When I contact them when I’m having a really difficult time, they support me.”

Heo Young Ji compared them to a first love, and explained that even now when she sees them, her face gets red and she gets nervous. She continued, “It’s not because I’m uncomfortable, but I get nervous because I like them so much. My face gets red when they ask me, “Young Ji, have you been doing well?’ When they’re in front of me, I start acting cute without thinking, and become like a baby.”

When asked what KARA meant to her, Heo Young Ji answered, “It’s so precious to me because it’s a team that made me who I am today. Even now, I still listen to KARA’s music.”

The idol also talked about her relationship with Ha Hyun Woo. The two previously confirmed their relationship last February and have a 13-year age difference. On their relationship going public, she joked, “These days, when people ask how I’m doing, I say I’m Ha Hyun Woo’s girlfriend.” She added, “People ask me if I think public relationships are burdensome, but it’s not at all. It’s actually more comfortable.”

She shared that they are enjoying normal dates like any other couple. Heo Young Ji explained, “Even when we go on dates, people don’t really recognize us. I enjoy wearing outdoor clothes, so I wear things like hiking clothes when I go out. She laughed and commented, “I think about it as always going on hikes. We eat a lot of healthy food and do a lot of hiking. We hike with my dog Woo Joo frequently, and Woo Joo seems to like him more than me. He also said, ‘Thanks to Woo Joo, dogs look cuter.’”

When asked what she thought was Ha Hyun Woo’s charm, she laughed and answered, “He takes care of his health really well. He carefully takes care of his fans’ health as well.” She also talked about how she doesn’t feel the age difference between them and explained, “I was surprised when we were dating too. It’s partly that I’m an old soul, but he also looks very young. It’s easy for us to talk.” She added, “I’m not embarrassed when others recognize me, but I’m embarrassed that others talk about my love life and I end up avoiding them. I hope they’ll look favorably on us.”

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