When BTS were guests on Niconico, they were presented with a prop that had a microphone in its ear.

The members then were given a situation that they were walking home from a date with a girl, and were asked what they would say to the girl on the way home from the date.

Here’s how each member responded.

1. RM


RM gave a simple answer, as he would just thank the girl for the date.

2. Jin


Jin had a similar answer to RM, as he would just say, “Thank you so much!”.

3. Suga


Suga would thank the girl, and would walk her all the way home, as walking alone can be dangerous.

4. J-Hope


When it was J-Hope’s turn, he decided to add some humor. However, this backfired almost immediately, as his members started teasing him.

J-Hope then gave a simple message.

5. Jimin


Jimin would tell the girl, “Go home safely“, however, he got teased a bit by the MC for acting like a teacher.

6. V


V would tell the girl, “Let’s date“.

However, he immediately got roasted by his members, as the situation was AFTER the date, which caused V to change his answer.

7. Jungkook


Jungkook gave a similar answer as RM and Jin, giving a simple thanks to the girl.

Here’s the full video below!