Yesterday, BTS retweeted a link that Columbia Records posted that lead to a page that said, “Create Your Butter Card.”

ARMYs weren’t exactly sure what that meant, but since BTS retweeted, we participated anyway. It just asked for us to fill out our first name, city, and country/region. After submitting, it creates for you a downloadable “butter card,” which is a picture of butter with your chosen name on it. We’re not sure exactly what the purpose of “Butter” cards but each day at 10 AM and 10 PM EST, a grid of the cards are charged on the website that highlights some of the cards created.

Being a great and diverse fandom, ARMY took the “Butter” cards to the next level. Rather than simply make a card with their names on it, they made individual cards with words that would together make a phrase or joke. Some even turned the stick of butter into an emoji!

Here are 10 of the most creative “Butter” cards:

1. My brain read it in his voice. ????

2. These adorable Jihope faces!

3. As they should.

4. Automatically filling in the rest ????

5. We need to know.

6. This is iconic.

7. When? ????

8. Me going to McDonald’s on May 26 like…

9. Bet this is what Jin did when he made “Butter” cards…

10. Stream “Don’t.”