It’s been over 2 years since BTS released their LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel.

The female cast of these videos caught some attention in the past, where the audience was curious about the identities of the cast. A lot has changed since then, and many of them went on to have their own careers. Here’s a quick update on what happened to the female cast members of the LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel.

1. Shin Ryujin


Ryujin is one of the more obvious people on this list, as she was extremely popular when she was revealed due to her visuals and dancing skills. She’s now even more well known, as she is now a member of ITZY.


2. Shin Yuna


Yuna had a more subtle appearance on the videos, as she didn’t appear as much as other people on this list. She’s now made a name for herself, as she is a member and the maknae of ITZY.


3. Choi Yuju


Yuju was quite popular at the time, where she was praised for her amazing visuals. She is now a member of Cherry Bullet.


4. Kim Bora


Bora had some more subtle appearances on the BTS videos. Now, she is in Cherry Bullet alongside Yuju.


5. Park Jungyeon


Park Jungyeon ended up leaving SM Entertainment and signed with KeyEast Entertainment. Since KeyEast Entertainment is a label for acting, it’s rumored she will be debuting as an actress.

6. Oh Hanseol


Oh Hanseol was a JYP Entertainment trainee at the time. It’s currently unknown if she’s still under the company.