Mnet’s High School Rapper 4 contestant Kang Hyun, who also goes by the stage name tendo, has dropped out of the program following an accusation of sexual assault levied against him.

| Mnet High School Rapper 4

Earlier this morning, a post was made on an online community by a girl who claimed to have been raped by Kang Hyun while she was 18 and Kang Hyun was 17.

At the time, the police investigated the case, and there is a recording of Kang Hyun admitting to the incident.

In 2018, Kang Hyun asked me to have a drink with him, so I agreed and met up with him. I wasn’t good at holding my alcohol, so I was already drunk when I met up with him. Kang Hyun was laying down since he was drunk, but he got up to approach me, and forced me to lay down.

Kang Hyun then suddenly started touching my body while laying down. He forcibly kissed me and raped me.

People could have come [to help] if I screamed, but it wasn’t easy to show that image. That part is my fault. I was so scared that I called a close senior, and they took me to the hospital. As a minor, I needed a guardian’s consent to get treatment, and I was forced to tell my parents. I also went to the police and the OBGYN clinic.

That person still hasn’t given me a proper apology. If you were the victim, please think about how you would feel, seeing the perpetrator on television.

— Netizen

| Mnet High School Rapper 4

While Kang Hyun did not specifically mention the incident in question, Mnet confirmed he will be leaving the show and will be edited out of his remaining appearances due to the controversy.

We held several in-depth meetings with the 40 cast members prior to the start of the show, however, we did not hear about the issues related to Kang Hyun during that process.

The production team checked with the Kang Hyun personally after hearing about the internet post. He apologized for causing a controversy, and conveyed his position that he would leave the program.

Accordingly, we will edit all of the recorded videos related to Kang Hyun, and remove him from the broadcast. We apologize for the inconvenience to the viewers.

— High School Rapper 4 production team