The boy group HIGH4, composed of members Kim Sung Goo, Baek Myung Han, Alex, and Im Young Joon), exceeded their goal in the crowdfunding effort for their new mini-album.

According to Makestar, the crowdfunding platform, HIGH4 had raised over 42 million won (about $36,600) from April 6 to June 1. The goal for the project had been 10 million won (about $8500), which means the group had raised over four times its expected mark.

HIGH4 marketed this project not only to their domestic fans, but also international fans, updating them on their status and sharing the album production process. They also held a series of “mission games” with their fans all around the world.

The project offered a variety of rewards, including lip balm and candles handmade by the members, as well as a plan to hold a river cruise and amusement park date with their fans.

Kim Jae Myun, a representative of Makestar, stated, “HIGH4’s project received a lot of attention due to their excellent communication and rewards. Many people were motivated to the end by the prospect of a date with the members.”

The fan event is to take place on June 18 and 19, while the mini-album will be released sometime at the end of this month.

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