At a press conference for O tvN’s “Weekend in the Forest” on April 4, Highlight’s Son Dongwoon revealed that the group once bailed on a scheduled activity because of conflicts they had with their former management agency, Cube Entertainment, when they were still promoting as BEAST.

The singer said, “If we really wanted to do something drastic as our act of rebellion, we could have skipped out on a music program; however, we felt that we wouldn’t be able to handle that so we decided to bail on a photo shoot instead.”

He continued, “We left our dorm to stay in a hotel for the entire day and cut off all contact with our agency for the day. That was BEAST’s greatest act of rebellion.”

Highlight’s Son Dongwoon is part of the fixed cast, alongside actor Joo Sang Wook and comedian Kim Yong Man, for O tvN’s new variety program “Weekend in the Forest,” which will begin airing on April 5 at 8:20 p.m. KST.

Meanwhile, Highlight has been experiencing a great deal of success with their “debut” track “Plz Don’t Be Sad” and released a cute cooking challenge version of their title track. Plus, the Highlight members showed their support for their youngest member’s new show and talked about the meaning of the phrase “YOLO.”

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