Highlight’s agency Around US Entertainment posted an official notice stating that it will be taking legal action against those spreading malicious posts and comments about the group.

In a statement released on December 5 on their official social media accounts and website, Around US Entertainment asked fans for their cooperation in protecting their artists.

The statement reads as follows:

“Hello. This is Around US Entertainment. We want to strongly respond to the spread of false information, malicious posts, and comments that slander and damage our artists.

“We have been collecting data and want to ask the fans for your active cooperation. If you see malicious posts or comments on portal sites or Internet communities that intentionally slander Highlight members regardless of their authenticity, please screenshot them and send the PDF image or URL to the company’s email.

“After collecting evidence, we will review them with our attorney and take legal action against malicious commenters who damage our artist’s reputation. We ask for your interest and cooperation in protecting our agency’s artists and establishing a healthy internet culture. Thank you.”

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