Birth of a Beauty” has proven this week that revenge can be both satisfying and terrifying. With Sa Ra (Han Ye Seul) finding purpose after her surgery, she finally embarks on a journey to destroy her husband’s happiness. Kang Joon (Jung Gyu Woon) is losing face after a scandal being revealed at a company gathering with Chae Yeon (Wang Ji Hye) struggling on saving her marriage. With nowhere to run, the serial cheater is heading, unknowingly, to the lion’s den for his mistress, pleading for help. Meanwhile, Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook) needs assistance for a strange condition without realizing he’s falling in love with Sa Ra.

1. The Genius and the Beauty

Tae Hee claims he is suffering from a psychological condition and needs a health evaluation from his surgeon friend, Ji Hoon. The good news is Tae Hee is harboring feelings towards Sa Ra. The bad news is the genius denying this new reality. It seems the polygraph is about to explode when Sa Ra was unexpectedly calling with Tae Hee lying, saying he is very busy.


2. Winner Group’s secret

The chairwoman has shared with her assistant a dark secret tainting her company’s reputation: Secretary Son got the granny’s son drunk and slept with him. She ultimately got pregnant with Min Hyeok in hopes of getting her hands on Winner Group. Talking about a despicable golddigger, the elder feels uneasy living with enemies under the same house.


3. The temptress

On the way of seducing her husband, she drags attention to Min Hyeok, who is showing interest for our beautiful swan. They cross path with Sa Ra adjusting her makeup in front of a tinted window by Min Hyeok’s car. The second meeting was unexpectedly held at the company with the beauty impersonating a security team officer working part-time as a cuisine chef *chuckles*. Are we seeing another love line? Interesting!


4. Scandal

Sa Ra forms an alliance with her mother and her friend, Gyung Joo. The bubbly woman claims she was also played by Kang Joon and brings up a picture of their kiss two weeks before the man’s wedding. Joining hands with Tae Hee, the good guys successfully throw Kang Joon into despair with Chae Yeon living Sa Geum Ran’s life, is desperately dealing her cheating husband and the awful in-laws.


5. Love brings confusion

Tae Hee seems shocked after finding out his feelings for Sara according a psychological assessment report. He feels mildly confused after seeing Kang Joon embracing his beautiful creation from the observation deck. With the husband seeking refuge in Sa Ra’s arms, the beauty gives out secretly a bone-chilling smile, willing to put Kang Joon and his family to submission.



I was not surprised Kang Joon would eventually follow his favorite damsel for comfort. The most satisfying moment from this episode was the catfight between Chae Yeon and Sa Ra. Han Ye Seul really demonstrated a phenomenal performance and I’m so glad she has refined her acting abilities from her three-year hiatus away from the small screen. Her portrayal of Sa Ra delivering her real motive to Chae Yeon was genuinely frightening. The one who stole Sa Geum Ran’s place is now suffering the same mistreatment and feels disgusted with the husband having an affair on the side. Chae Yeon really deserves that and I totally love the role reversal!

As for the romance, it seems a one-sided love line will be established on the show between Sa Ra and Min Hyeok. I have mixed feelings about this. We are introducing a fifth character joining the love bandwagon and I’m afraid this would affect heavily the drama somehow on character development. I felt the events which lead to the revenge arc were already dragging and Min Hyeok didn’t really have enough screen time to shine either. Being the illegitimate heir of Winner Group, he has no other goal besides taking over the company with his mother. Perhaps his clinging interest of the mysterious Sa Ra would add some layers of personality but that will remain to be seen.

I found Tae Hee really funny this week. He’s a genius and yet, he doesn’t understand why his heart is beating fast at the sight of his beautiful creation. Hey! That famous Kama Sutra scene from the third episode doesn’t count! He really needed to invest in the use of high-end equipment joined with a complicated process of medical evaluation in order to find out his condition only to discover he has fallen for the beauty. Despite this convoluted process,  I find his strong dedication and constant perseverance really charming! For such a smart guy, it is a bit ironic to have him feeling like a dimwit.  His jealousy will start manifesting with Kang Joon and Min Hyeok competing for Sa Ra’s heart.

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