Sad day for Supreme Team fans!

On July 22, the duo’s agency Amoeba Culture sent out an official press release. A part of the message states, “The company reports that as of July 19, Kang Min Ho (E-Sens) has cancelled his exclusive contract. Thus, E-Sens is an artist that’s no longer part of this company.”

A company representative shared with MyDaily, “Because there were differences in music direction with E-Sens [and the company], we decided to split. The other member Simon D plans to continue promoting with Amoeba Culture.”

Regarding the disbandment of Supreme Team, the representative said, “To be honest, Supreme Team started out as a project so it doesn’t seem proper to call it a disbandment. It’s true that Supreme Team has been split up. Both plan to continue promoting in the music scene independently.”

With regards to Simon D’s solo career, “Simon D has been preparing an album. However, no details have been discussed regarding his solo album. Nothing has been finalized.”

E-Sens later updated his Twitter, “I received the notification of my contract cancellation today. I’m going to promote as a soloist.”

Supreme Team officially made its debut in 2009 with EP “Supreme Team Guide to Excellent Adventure” and quickly found fame by bagging the Best New Male Group category at MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) the same year.

However, E-Sens was charged on suspicion of smoking marijuana several times and suspended activities from November 2011. According to police reports, E-Sens smoked for about a year with his friends in Korea. E-Sens admitted to all allegations and his agency has also told the police about his repeated drug violations. He was later booked on February 2012 in Seoul and was accused of buying 16 grams worth of marijuana between October 2009 and August 2011, and smoking weed at his home and at clubs around Hongik University.