Miyawaki Sakura is blowing fans’ minds with her current visuals!


Recently, she revealed a set of gorgeous teaser photos for her “Graduation Visual Booklet.”

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| @hkt48_official_/Twitter

The stunning photos are commemorative of her graduation from Japanese group HKT48 which she announced will take place on June 19.

| @hkt48_official_/Twitter

Fans have nothing but praise for the stunning photographs that radiate her unique and delicate beauty.

| @hkt48_official_/Twitter

Pre-orders for the booklet start on May 19 at the HKT48 official shop.

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| @hkt48_official_/Twitter

Meanwhile, it’s rumored that after graduating HKT48, Sakura is speculated to sign with HYBE. However, nothing at this time is confirmed.

| @official_izone/Instagram