A pictorial featuring singer Baek Ji Young in fashion magazine “Arena Homme Plus” has been publicized.

Singer Baek Ji Young, whose hit songs range from the haunting ballad “Like a Bullet Hit Me” and electronic dance duet with 2PM’s TaecyeonMy Ear Candy,” is seen posing as a beautiful muse in a flowing cheetah print gown.

This pictorial, as part of stylist Chae Han Suk’s eyewear brand “Treaty Project,” is informing the public of his talent donation program.  An October exhibition is scheduled to show pictorials of 48 persons including Korean officials, female and male top models, and other persons involved in the fashion industry, and a bazaar will also be held.  Fifty percent of the proceeds will go to persons who have vision disabilities.

Chae Han Suk said of Baek Ji Young, “Even though we have a family-like relationship, a friendship that is closer than being my younger sister, as a fan, when I listen to her voice, my heart flutters and melts.”

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