Girls’ Generation member and actress Kwon Yuri is featured in a pictorial and interview in the September issue of fashion magazine “Ceci.”  Yuri gives a candid and in-depth interview on various subjects.  Below is the first part of selected excerpts from the interview on Yuri’s feelings towards her first drama, acting, and character.

On her first drama, SBS spring drama “Fashion King,” Yuri said: “[The drama] As if it was my first love, my heart fluttered, and I had a lot of expectations.  To the point of awkwardness, there was also [moments of] pain.  It was really an innocent and sad feeling, it will be difficult to find words to exactly express my heart.  Possibly because I fell too deeply into my role as Choi Anna, there were times when I wondered who I really was to the point of feeling torn or troubled.”

On her acting, Yuri said: “About the result, I do not even have 1% of a feeling of regret.  The more the episodes went by, as I became absorbed in my role, there were troubles that arose and pain.  As soon as I saw the script for drama “Fashion King,” I wanted to do it so much that I blindly rushed into it, but, from the first episode, there was a scene in which I needed a perfect command of English.  So I started to regret and worry that I had made the wrong choice, and as I got to know the character better, I felt how much more difficult [the character would be].  But, maybe, because of that, I wanted to go to the end.”

On the effect of her character Choi Anna’s depression on her, Yuri said: “I really want to be able to say calmly that it was not like that, but in reality, I was very depressed.  I don’t know if it was possibly because I wanted to get closer to [my character] Anna that I deliberately was like that.  I think the shooting staff probably do not know that [I felt depressed], because to hide that [the depression] when I went to the shoot I acted even brighter.  But my close friends, all asked at some point why I had become so dark.”

Yuri’s pictorial will be featured in the September issue of “Ceci.”  To preview the photographs, don’t forget to click through the gallery on Soompi!  Check out the second part of excerpts from the interview with “Ceci” to read Yuri’s thoughts on appreciating Girls’ Generation, the fans, and her image.