Girls’ Generation member and actress Kwon Yuri is featured in a pictorial and interview in the September issue of fashion magazine “Ceci.”  Yuri gives a candid and in-depth interview on various subjects.  Below is the second part of selected excerpts from the interview on Yuri’s appreciation of Girls’ Generation, fans, and image.

On appreciating activities with Girls’ Generation, Yuri said: “I had a lot of thoughts.  I thought, with my superficial talents, I really enjoyed a lot of benefits; and towards my Girls’ Generation members, my affection deepened.  At the time that I was shooting the drama, TaeTiSeo were in the midst of their promotional activities, and while watching music programs, I would sing and dance along.  The staff said to me, “You are by nature a singer,” and I felt the same way.  I also thought, being a part of a Girls’ Generation, and singing is really a big happiness.”

On the love she receives from the fans, Yuri said: “[My talent is superficial if] Compared to my current ability, the generous love and understanding I receive.  Compared to what I receive, I realized the love I can give is so small and I feel troubled about how I can repay this love.”

On the image she wants, Yuri said: “At the beginning of our debut, I had hopes [about what kind of image or role I wanted within Girls’ Generation].  But, as I accumulated experience, I thought it would be good if I became a person whose image, modifier, or role was not defined.  I would like to be a person that tries things and matches her attempts to try things.  If I must pick out in particular, I would like to have an energetic image.  With one look, [I want people to see] I am a person full of life!  If I think about it, being full of life or energy is charisma.  I think that charisma comes out when one has faith and confidence in one’s self.”

Yuri’s pictorial and interview will be featured in the September issue of “Ceci.”  To preview photographs, don’t forget to click through the gallery on Soompi!  Check out the first part of excerpts from the interview with “Ceci” to read Yuri’s thoughts on her first drama, acting, and her character.