It is well known that the members of project group HOMME, 2AM’s Changmin and 8eight’s Lee Hyun, have very well-built bodies. No doubt both of them have worked hard through proper diet and exercise to gain their masculine looks.

They recently talked on twitter about the secret of their ideal body… by eating pizza?

Lee Hyun recently shared new pictures on his twitter and commented “While chatting with Chang Min after 1st week of ‘Men Should Laugh’ when we took out this photo, ‘heok (TN: sound of surprise)’… Our bodies… were really cool last year… I’m thinking hard how could we ‘buy’ this body while eating pizza ㅜㅠ..”

The never before seen pictures were taken during the filming of their music video “Still Eating Well” last year.

Chang Min replied with “Didn’t we make this body through eating pizza? ke.”

Although this time they do not reveal their body as much as before, they still make girls go breathless and the boys green in envy.

Homme is currently promoting their “Men Should Laugh” track and has been receiving much love for their song and vocal harmony.

Source : @2AMCHANGMIN @thehyun11 @2AMTweetsIAM