Honey Lee, INFINITE’s L and Sungyeol, and actress Park Jin Joo will be working in front of and behind the camera to create a documentary on a new variety show.

“The Secret and Great Private Lives of Animals” (literal title) is an upcoming variety show where stars direct nature documentaries. They will film and complete mini documentaries, filled with the wonderful, mysterious beauty of nature and the animals that live inside it.

Honey Lee will be the first celebrity to take the director’s chair. L, Sungyeol, and Park Jin Joo will be the other three members of her team, as they complete a documentary on humpback whales. The team traveled to Tahiti and completed filming. It was reportedly an even more meaningful project as the stars personally participated in producing, filming, and tracking.

Each member in the team has taken on a different role in the process. Honey Lee will be the producing director, in her first time in the role. L will be a photographer that captures special moments featuring the humpback whales. The INFINITE member has some experience with the camera, as he previously published photo essays.

Sungyeol will be in charge of the drone, filming beautiful scenery as well as the humpback whales surfacing for air. It was reported that he participated in this project with passion, as he has enjoyed RC cars since he was young, as well as flying heli-cams.

Park Jin Joo will become the assistant director, filming “making-of” videos while showing the team members and stories behind the scenes. It was reported that she participated in the project because she is close with Honey Lee, and that she was a mood maker on set with her friendly personality.

“The Secret and Great Private Lives of Animals” will air its first episode on November 23 at 8:55 p.m. KST.

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