Although it was a short visit, Hong Jin Kyung did what any fan would do and made the most of her meeting with popular actor Park Bo Gum.

On the April 15 episode of “Sister’s Slam Dunk,” three of the ladies go visit Park Bo Gum at the set of KBS’ “Music Bank.” While Ra Mi Ran, Hong Jin Kyung and Min Hyo Rin were looking around the KBS center for a mentor in the show, they make a quick stop at the “Music Bank” dressing room to see Park Bo Gum. Ra Mi Ran, who acted with him in tvN’s hit drama “Reply 1988,” makes the phone call and the two other ladies follow quickly behind her.

Although Park Bo Gum is a bit surprised to see them, he greets them warmly. Hong Jin Kyung gives him some food that she had taken from the KBS variety department director and says that she made it. As he’s eating the food, she suddenly asks if he has a girlfriend and then even asks for a picture with him. Park Bo Gum responds with excellent fan service and obliges to the photo.

Hong Jin Kyung then calls the other three ladies, Kim Sook, Jessi, and Tiffany, who are busy learning how to drive a bus, and teases them with Park Bo Gum’s voice. Once she realizes who is on the other line, Kim Sook shows her immense disappointment that she cannot meet him and Hong Jin Kyung teases her even more by hanging up on her.

Park Bo Gum Unni's Slam Dunk

As they leave his dressing room, he gives Hong Jin Kyung a hug and, soon after they depart from his room, he sends her a long text message thanking her for the visit. When asked who her favorite celebrity is, without a second’s hesitation, Hong Jin Kyung answers “Park Bo Gum,” showing just how much she has fallen for the actor in that short time frame.

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