On April 15, Hong Jin Young uploaded a post onto her personal Instagram, where she apologized for her actions on MBC’s “Omniscient.”

The singer wrote, “I apologize to the viewers who felt uncomfortable watching ‘Omniscient’ last night. Because we filmed only in the car, I believe I went overboard and acted excessively. I will become someone who works harder.”

Hong Jin Young previously appeared on the April 14 episode of MBC’s observational variety show “Omniscient,” which observes the lives of the managers of stars. The episode showed Hong Jin Young and her staff members as they drove to and from each of her scheduled activities. Known for her bright and bubbly personality, the singer, her stylist, and dance team had an energetic time in the car, singing with a mic and dancing. However, it became controversial as some believed that the loud situation could have been dangerous for the manager who had been driving, especially as she surprised him on purpose at one point.

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