Imagine finding out that your significant other has been cheating on you with not just one but three other people.

During a recent filming of MBC’s “Quiz Around the World,” trot singer Hong Jin Young shared about her traumatic experience of being cheated on by her ex-boyfriend.

This episode airing on June 12 will discuss the dating lives of women in their twenties and thirties. The MCs asked Hong Jin Young, whose dating history graph showed a downward trend, to explain more about the lack of men in her life.

“I have been in three or four serious relationships. There was a time when I was completely fooled by a man,” Hong Jin Young revealed.

Hearing this, MC Kim Gu Ra jokingly asked, “Were you stripped of money?” to which Hong Jin Young responded, “I was stripped of my sanity. The man was dating four women at the same time, and I was one of them. I only realized something was wrong after going out with him for ten months,” shocking everyone in the studio.

“I’m the type of person that only has eyes for her boyfriend, almost like a loyal wife, so it was very shocking for me,” she described her painful dating experience.

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