Park Bo Gum recently gained much attention with a cameo appearance on the popular drama, Itaewon Class, and as a fellow cast on the show, Hong Seok Cheon endlessly praised Park Bo Gum on his official Instagram account.


Shortly after the finale aired, Hong Seok Cheon took to his Instagram account to describe just how loved Park Bo Gum was on set.

If there’s anyone that shines brightly, it’s Park Bo Gum. He’s such a lovable and welcome guy that all of the staff on set cheered for him for keeping his loyalty with the director by coming through with a cameo appearance on the show.

– Hong Seok Cheon


Hong Seok Cheon continued to praise Park Bo Gum and described what a sweet night it was having him on set.

He’s someone who shines even if it’s just for a moment. When I first saw him in a small role, I knew he was going to be great. I hope you’re always loved for who you are inside.

– Hong Seok Cheon


Hong Seok Cheon then went on to reveal a story about how Park Bo Gum still takes the subway to this day.

He once said he would visit my restaurant when we crossed paths, but he actually took the subway and came to my restaurant with his friend. When I asked, ‘You took the subway?’, he answered, ‘Yes, I take it pretty often. I like it because it’s comfortable.’

– Hong Seok Cheon


He concluded his praise with the final remark, “He’s such a decent ‘dongsaeng’, wouldn’t you agree?


Ahead of this reveal, Park Bo Gum once revealed that he often took the subway and that no one had ever recognized him.

Everyone rides the subway with their eyes glued to their cellphones, so they never recognize me. I’ve never run into someone who knows me.

– Park Bo Gum


In one interview, Park Bo Gum confessed, “I’m going to keep taking the subway. I hope that if someone recognizes me, they greet me with their eyes, at least.