Actress Hong Soo Ah uploaded a photo of her in a wedding dress, brightly smiling.

On the 30th, Hong tweeted on her twitter saying, “Smile~Big! These days, I have a lot of things I could smile about. There are so many people who give me strength and courage. I have such good luck with making friends. I feel so thankful sometimes that I feel like crying, but I will endure!” along with a stunning picture.

In the picture, she is wearing a pure white wedding dress with a veil, exuding gracious beauty.

Netizens are commenting on how frail her arms are and how beautiful shoulder line is. Some of her male fans pointed out that her, and some of her female fans commented on how clear her skin is, and how beautiful the dress is.

Their comments are: “I wonder how she keeps on getting prettier day by day”, “Oh my goodness, there can’t be a more beautiful woman than her”, and “Wow! She looks like she could just get married right now!”