Actress Hong Soo Hyun has reportedly been involved in a car crash and has been taken to a local hospital. According to local media, in the early morning of August 4th, Hong Soo Hyun’s car crashed into a car that was already stuck on the side of a highway due to a previous accident. She is reported to have broken her ribs from the collision.

“The accident happened on her way back to Seoul after filming her drama (KBS “Princess’ Man). Right now, it looks like she’s got a broken rib. The manager, however, is in critical condition,” an official told local media.

“Despite her injuries, Hong Soo Hyun has notified the production crew that she would return for the next filming session. Even with the pain, she wants to proceed with the filming. We’ll do our best to help her return safely,” a representative of Hong Soo Hyun said.