In the upcoming episode of KBS’s “Declaration of Freedom Saturday – Secret,” former H.O.T. member Tony An will reveal that he and two other H.O.T. members were involved in a love quadrangle.

During the recording, H.O.T.’s former stylist made a surprise visit as the witness to the story and stated, “During their H.O.T. days, Tony and another member fell in love with the same girl.” Tony followed up the statement with, “Actually, it was a love quadrangle,” piquing everyone’s interest as to who the other two members were.

Tony continued to grab everyone’s attention by hinting that the woman in the middle of this love quadrangle is also a celebrity. This episode of KBS’s “Declaration of Freedom Saturday – Secret” will also star Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Soo Geun, Eun Ji Won, Narsha, Kim Jong Min, Nana, and others and will air this Saturday, July 16th, on KBS at 5:50PM KST. 

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