If you can get his family to love you and feel at home in Xanderland, then you have the quailites to become Alexander Eusebio’s princess! The former U kiss member and current 3rd Wave singer tweeted with his dad about the important things in love. Check out a couple of his tweets below about his future dream woman: 

“…..One exceptional case: If I’m crazy in love [with] her, we’ll have our Sweet Escape to xanderland in live happily 4ever~ LOL…. (Hint: Step 3 is the key. As long as u could get @VictoriaEusebio Queen Vica’s heart♡, then all easy. Being my girlfriend too~ ;P ) Gdnite?”

Do you have what it takes to get the family’s approval? While you decide if true idol love is worth fighting for, the celebrity also tweeted some interesting news about his future that you might like to read.

“I’ve made my choice already… It’s just the matter of time… My choice?? Haha… YUP~ Gonna drop another BOMB soon! de1b *BOOOOM*♪”

Can you guess what his bomb of an announcement is?