Last month, Stray KidsBang Chan revealed that he is a fan of Marvel actors Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. Now, he has received attention from both of his heroes.

Ryan Reynolds has officially become a STAY, following Stray Kids and liking content from other STAYs. Reynolds and Bang Chan have developed a fast-growing friendship as they exchanged autographed gifts. Reynolds also cheekily announced Bang Chan as his new favorite Australian in reference to his friend Hugh Jackman.

When Bang Chan posted his response to Reynolds, he also included an apology to Jackman. To STAYs surprise, the Wolverine actor has replied!

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine |

He assured them that he had no hard feelings because he himself is a fan! He sent greetings to his fellow Aussies, shouting out not only Bang Chan but also Felix.

We can’t wait to see how the boys react, considering they’re both big fans of Hugh Jackman!