According to Newsen, Hugh Jackman’s kids love Korea!

On July 15, Hugh Jackman attended a press conference at the Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel for the movie “The Wolverine,” directed by James Mangold. When asked if he was going to buy souvenirs for his children back home, Hugh Jackman answered, “Every time I come to Korea, I always buy gifts to bring back home.”

He continued, “Last time I came, I bought a hanbok and a doll for my daughter. Now my son, he has the Korean flag hanging in his room. I think you guys would love to hear that.”

He continued, “This time I will personally have to pick something up for my wife. If my wife is happy, my life becomes easier and I am happy,” making the crowd erupt into laughter.

“The Wolverine” is a thrilling action blockbuster that revolves around the story of Wolverine as he discovers his weakest state in the unfamiliar land of Japan. He fights dangerous and powerful enemies, becoming more dangerous and powerful himself. “The Wolverine” will play in 3D theaters on July 25.  

Hugh Jackman’s family must really like Korea!