Rumors of Huh Gak getting married has been topping headlines recently but the singer stepped forth and explained that while he is in a relationship, he has no plans of marriage yet.

On July 31, Huh Gak tweeted, “I wanted to give a great marriage proposal and confidently reveal it to you all but… I guess I’m one step too late.”

He continued, “I’m sorry for letting you all know about the good news in this way. I’m not even that great of a person…but you all show great interest in me. It gives me a burden but in another way, I’m very thankful as well.”

Huh Gak added, “It is true that I am in a serious relationship with thoughts of marriage like the media reports. However, we haven’t set the date yet and none of the details have been planned out yet. When that time does come, I hope everyone can bless us.”

Previously, a certain news agency reported that Huh Gak will be throwing a wedding in October with his same-age, first love girlfriend.

Huh Gak’s agency A Cube also stated, “While it is true that Huh Gak has been in a relationship for the past two years with thoughts of marriage, they have not planned anything out yet.”