Humming Urban Stereo‘s member Lee Ji Rin posted on twitter about recent news regarding vocal Lee Jin Hwa‘s death. The first twitter post, which appeared online this morning, says, “Humming Urban Stereo’s heroine, the singer of ‘Hawaiian Couple,’ ‘Insomnia,’ and my lovely sister Humming Girl Lee Jin Hwa passed away on March 22. Please pray for her so that her journey wouldn’t be lonely.”

Humming Girl Lee Jin Hwa

“Humming Girl” Lee Jin Hwa was the guest vocalist of Humming Urban Stereo. Her sweetly flowing voice attracted many indie music fans and was much loved in the popular music scene as well. She was only 29 years old when she passed away. Many musicians, fans, and industry officials are surprised by this unexpected news and mourning the death of Lee Jin Hwa.

Major media outlets tried to figure out exactly what happened to Lee Jin Hwa. Later in the afternoon, Lee Ji Rin wrote on twitter again. The twitter post says, “Humming Girl’s cause of death is heart disease. I’m sorry for not being able to respond to every phone call and inquiry. Her parents’ opinions are the most important to me right now.”