As the Caribbean and the east coast of the US are currently reeling from Hurricane Sandy, it has been reported that a few Korean artists who have visited the states are being affected by the storm as well.

First, world star Psy almost had to cancel his concert in Canada because of the hurricane. Psy was supposed to fly over to Toronto, Canada on October 29 for a concert but because flights were delayed, it seemed like the concert had to be canceled as well. But after waiting for eight hours, flights were resumed and Psy was able to safely travel to Canada and throw his concert.

Second, artist Kim Bum Soo was also held up at an airport because of Hurricane Sandy. After Kim Bum Soo held a successful concert in Virginia on October 28, he had to fly to LA for his next schedule. However, flights were canceled and it is said that Kim Bum Soo stayed at the airport for two days. Kim Bum Soo was barely able to purchase tickets for the nearest flight and was able to travel to LA on October 30.

Third, singer Jang Jae In is said to be stuck in New York at the moment. She went to New York to work on her new album on October 24. However, due to Hurricane Sandy, she is still stuck in New York and is unable to return to Korea even now. According to sources, Jang Jae In, who is a huge fan of the Beatles, wanted to take some personal time in New York to watch a Beatles tribute concert but could not because the show was canceled due to the storm.

Psy and Kim Bum Soo caught their luck but hopefully Jang Jae In will be able to find a way to go back to Korea soon!