On May 7, a source from KBS2’s “Immortal Songs” shared that Hwang Chi Yeol recently decided to step down as an MC, with g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo to take his place.

Hwang Chi Yeol served as an MC on “Immortal Songs” for the past year and six months. He joined the show last January to replace singer Yoon Min Soo, who had left the show for health reasons. With his impressive vocal talent and conversation skills, Hwang Chi Yeol worked alongside fellow MCs Moon Hee Jun and Jung Jae Hyung to help contestants relax in the waiting room before their performances.

Hwang Chi Yeol first appeared on “Immortal Songs” in 2015 as a singer, and received widespread attention for his impressive performance. At an interview for the 300th episode of the show, Hwang Chi Yeol revealed, “I appeared as a contestant, and then was able to promote in China, and am now an MC for the show. It was an honor to be on [‘Immoral Songs’], and I am so grateful.”

Kim Tae Woo will be replacing Hwang Chi Yeol on “Immortal Songs,” and will have his first recording as the new MC on May 7. Many are looking forward to the chemistry between Kim Tae Woo and Moon Hee Jun, who were both members of representative boy groups from the 1990s to 2000s.

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