During his 2019 “Bon Voyage” tour around Korea, singer Hwang Chi Yeul put on one unforgettable show for his fans in Jeju!

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Hwang Chi Yeul | @chiyeul7102/Instagram

Covering the iconic “Coming of Age Ceremony” by the OG K-Pop queen Park Ji Yoon…

Park Ji Yoon performing “Coming of Age Ceremony” in 2000. 

… Hwang Chi Yeul went all out. He dressed to impress in a red, silky two-piece…

… that highlighted his swole physique like never before! Gleaming with confidence — and nailing the moves while at it…

… Hwang Chi Yeul not only wowed the audience who got to see this live…

… but also the K-Pop fans in 2020 who did not know they needed this in their lives!

The comments ran wild with sheer satisfaction. Some are realizing what they didn’t know before…

  • “Um… So apparently, I’m into this visual.”
  • “LMAO, okay. Who knew I’d actually enjoy this so much?”
  • “Oh wow, he is swole.”
  • “I’m a sucker for muscular dancers though… Hwang Chi Yeul is my new bias.”
  • “Whoa, I held my breath watching this entire thing…”


… while others are praising his professionalism — for maintaining that godly physique AND showing it off with no hesitation:

  • “Everything aside, I’m actually whipped by the quality of this performance. He’s a great dancer!”
  • “He has a body built like a greek god’s. He must work out regularly. What a man!”
  • “Who knew Hwang Chi Yeul is such an amazing dancer though? I can’t stop watching this video because of the moves he pulls off.”
  • “Actually, this is — by far — the best ‘Coming of Age Ceremony’ cover done.”
  • “This is S-E-X-Y.”


Everyone is scolding(?) Hwang Chi Yeul fans for keeping this a secret until now!

| lovelyarin/YouTube

  • “Okay, but I have a friend who is a Hwang Chi Yeul stan. That b*tch has been keeping this from me all this time?”
  • “Why, oh why, did Hwang Chi Yeul fans not share this earlier!!!”
  • “So this was back in 2019… How am I going to make up for all the time that I didn’t have this in my life?”
  • “Hwang Chi Yeul fans are obviously greedy. I can’t believe they kept this gem of a video from all of us…!”
  • “I mean, it makes sense. I wouldn’t have wanted to share either. But d*mn you all!”


After all, what more could the world need right now than a swole man dancing in a silky dress?

Watch the full video here, available in 4K for very valid reasons obviously.