As many True Beauty viewers know, the widely popular drama ended with its last episode airing on February 4. The drama’s not only ended with a sweet finale, but also sweet goodbyes from the cast members, including Hwang In Yeop. The talented actor shared his thoughts and appreciation for the drama and his fans.

hhwang in yeop
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Hwang In Yeop, who played Han Seo Jun, already shared his gratitude with the fans in an interview right before the drama’s end; however, the rising actor took to his Instagram to once again thank his fans and the viewers for interest. This time, the actor conveyed his love and appreciation in a touching letter.

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This is actor Hwang In Yeop.

It’s my first time writing a message to the fans, so I’m very nervous.

“True Beauty” will be remembered as a very precious drama to me. I was truly grateful and happy to play a beautiful and wonderful character named Han Seo Jun.

And the biggest reason why this drama is so precious to me is because I was able to meet my fans who supported me.

Thank you for sending lots of love and support during filming and until the very last “True Beauty” broadcast. I wondered if I deserved to receive your overwhelming love, but I was able to finish filming the drama without getting tired because of the fans who always supported me.

It’s so sad that we have to say good-bye to “True Beauty” and Han Seo Jun, but I hope this remains as a beautiful drama in your heart that you can take out whenever you miss it and want to see it.

I will do my best to greet you in the future with further improvement, so please keep an eye on me, and if you wait a bit, I will return with a different side of me.

Once again, thank you for supporting me.

Make sure you wear a mask until COVID-19 is gone. The weather is very cold.  Please take care of your health so that you won’t catch a cold, and I hope you will always be filled with joyful, good things wherever you are.

I sincerely thank you for thinking fondly of me and loving me, and I love you. Sincerely, Hwang In Yeop.

— Hwang In Yeop

hwang in yeop
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Though the drama has come to an end, fans are sure they will see Hwang In Yeop in many projects as his talent as an actor becomes more recognized. We can’t wait to see what he comes out with!