Another “High Kick” graduate comes back to the coop to spice up the current season. Local news agencies report that actress Hwang Jung Eum is set to make a cameo appearance on MBC’s “High Kick 3: Counter Attack of the Short Legs.” She is set to play the only daughter of the school’s chairman of the board. According to reports, Hwang Jung Eum’s character is expected to rival Park Ha Seon’s.

Hwang Jung Eum is the latest former “High Kick” star to come in for a guest spot on “Counter Attack of the Short Legs.” Previously, “High Kick” alumni Jung Il Woo, Shin Se Kyung and Yoon Si Yoon have made cameo appearances. Kim Bum has also shot for a guest spot, and will be seen in the episode airing March 8.

Hwang Jung Eum was part of the second season “High Kick Through the Roof,” along Daniel Choi, Shin Se Kyung and Yoon Si Yoon. Her special appearance on “High Kick 3” will be seen on the sitcom’s March 6 episode.