Hwang Jung Eum and Namgoong Min recently talked about reuniting for their new drama “The Undateables.”

On May 23, actors Hwang Jung Eum, Namgoong Min, Oh Yoon Ah, and Choi Tae Joon participated in the press conference for the upcoming SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Undateables.”

During the conference, Hwang Jung Eum commented, “Seven years ago, Namgoong Min and I starred in the drama ‘Can You Hear My Heart?‘ as siblings. It was right when I had finished a sitcom and was first starting to appear in an actual drama, so I had a lot of passion about acting.”

She continued, saying, “At the time, Namgoong Min was an actor who was very good at detailed acting. He would act with a lot of calculations and with detail, but his personality was laid-back and nice. Before I received the script for ‘The Undateables,’ I was overseas, but when I saw that Namgoong Min was cast for the drama, I joined in afterwards. It was so nice to have [Namgoong Min starring in the opposite role].”

Namgoong Min added, “[Seven years ago] it was nice to work with Hwang Jung Eum. She portrayed the character really well, that it felt good just to watch [her] acting. We also have good chemistry, and I think the drama will be fun.”

“The Undateables” is a comic romance drama that stars Namgoong Min as “Hoon Nam,” a man who refuses to date; and Hwang Jung Eum as Jung Eum, a woman who dreams of dating but has given up on the idea due to the tough realities of life. The drama is set to air its first episode on May 23 at 10 p.m. KST.

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