Hwang Jung Eum is garnering much attention from show-biz industry officials as her contract with current agency Core Contents Media Co. will expire at the end of March. Many agencies and officials value her highly as she has performed on both small and big screens and endorsed more than 20 products and companies in recent years. 

Recently, several entertainment agencies have secretly contacted Hwang Jung Eum with offers. An industry official commented, “Since she is still under contract with Core Contents Media Co., it’s a very sensitive subject. However, she proved that she is capable of anything–from acting to variety shows–and this has attracted many agencies.”

However, there is still a possibility for Hwang Jung Eum to continue working with her current agency. Another industry official explained, “Hwang Jung Eum might extend her contract with Core Contents Media Co. as the company has aided her in several ways to become who she is today and she values loyalty. So even if she gets sweet offers from several agencies, she will most likely choose a company that has a close relationship with her current agency.” 

Hwang Jung Eum started her acting career back in 2005 and played her first breakthrough role in 2009 on MBC “East of Eden.” Her career took off when she appeared on “We Got Married” as many viewers thought favorably of her surprisingly honest and cute character. This led to her role in MBC “High Kick Through the Roof,” which allowed her to become a nationally loved star. She has been continuing her success streak with “Giant” and “Can You Hear My Heart?” 

In May, Japanese fans will be able to see Hwang Jung Eum on TV as she is starring in TBS “Full House 2.” She will also have her big screen debut this year with movie “Tone-deaf Clinic.”