Summer blockbuster hit “Veteran” will be getting a sequel.

The film’s director Ryu Seung Wan told Osen on September 9 that “‘Veteran 2‘ has already been confirmed internally.” He continued, “We are currently looking for topics to cover in the movie. We are researching into what social issues the public is curious about, and who they want to know more about.”

Hwang Jung Min, who played the protagonist of the film, has also given positive remarks regarding his return for a sequel, having said, “It’s not fleshed out yet but I definitely think I should be in the sequel.”

The first movie’s production company’s representative is predicting the movie to be out in two-three years. “We are trying hard to find a villain stronger than Jo Tae Oh (Yoo Ah In‘s character).”

“Veteran,” which opened this summer, starred Hwang Jung Min as a righteous cop, with Yoo Ah In as a corrupt third-generation chaebol he tries to take down. It is currently the ninth biggest selling movie in Korea.

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