The Hwang Project released “Human, Love”, featuring Kim Bum Soo and Lena Park (Park Jung Hyun) on their label’s Jelly Fish Entertainment’s YouTube channel today. This is their second single after a three year hiatus.

The music video showed both singers in different rooms singing before joining together with a string orchestra. We can hear the sweet voice of Lena Park and Kim Bum Soo’s expressive voice join together to produce a sweet ballad song. All the profit from the digital single sales will be donated to charity.

Hwang Project is a project band composed of Korea’s three top songwriters and producers with the surname Hwang – Hwang Se Joon, Hwang Sung Je and Hwang Chan Hee. The band plans to invite a top singer to join them for each album. Park Hyo Shin was given the honor of being their first guest vocalist for their debut single in 2008 titled “Welcome To The Fantastic World.”

Source : Jelly Fish Ent YouTube + Kim Bum Soo Twitter