After releasing the teaser for his music video, Hwanhee released the MV for  “I Feel Like I’m Going to Die” on his official YouTube channel.

The music video features actor Lee Jang Woo, who is Hwanhee’s cousin. He is also currently appearing on the show “We Got Married” as part of the WooJung couple, along with T-ara’s Eunjung. 



The music video portrays Lee Jang Woo reminiscing his past relationship and he becomes emotional in order to get through the break up. Hwanhee is also in the video singing the track title, the emotional R&B ballad song that showcases his vocal skills. 

Hwanhee had his comeback performance on KBS Music Bank last week. Don’t forget to support the artists! You can purchase Hwanhee’s first solo album HERE.

Source : Hentercom YouTube Channel