Former member of R&B duo Fly to the Sky, Hwanhee will be making his big- screen debut with movie “Star”.

It has been confirmed that Hwanhee will be taking the lead role of the movie “Star” on August 3. He will be playing a role of a top Hallyu star “Romi”. The movie is set to be a love romance, illustrating the triangle love relationship Romi is involved.

The movie is set to be directed by Hang Sang Hee, who is known for his former work “First Snow” starring Lee Jun Ki and Japanese actress Miyazaki Aoi. The movie will be hitting theaters in Korea and Japan at the same time.

Hwanhee has acting experiences through dramas including “Over the Rainbow”,“I love You” and “Stormy Lovers”, yet the movie “Star” will be his debut work on the big screen.

Currently, he has just begun promotions of his first solo full-length album with title track “I feel Like I’m Going to Die”.