Singer Hwayobi appeared on MBC’s “Live Today” last July 12 and talked about how she dealt with depression and bulimia for two years. “I suffered from severe depression the last two years since my vocal operation” she said.

“It was a difficult time living with depression. I only ate plain rice and would binge. One day I would be sad, the next day I would be even sadder. It was such a hard experience at some points I didn’t want to live,” she added.

Hwayobi shared some advice to those who are coping with depression. She said, “The good news is that I had faith and the strength to overcome it. For people like me who have depression, if faith isn’t enough, get help to overcome it and it’ll be a little easier to overcome it.”

Hwayobi recently made her comeback with the mini-album “Reborn.”

Source: Newsen