Hwayoung’s father spoke to the press for the first time since the contract dispute broke out on Monday.

On August 1, Hwayoung’s father, only identified as Mr. Ryu, spoke with local media E-Today, and said, “I’m very sorry. I have nothing much to say. I will not comment on the issue.”

Although he declined to get more in detail, fans are taking this as a big step forward since it’s the first time Hwayoung or any of her family members spoke with the media. Korean netizens are taking his gesture as a way of showing his frustration, and now they’re wondering when Hwayoung will come out and officially address the issue.

Since the announcement of Hwayoung’s withdrawal from the group on July 30, Hwayoung has not spoken with the press, and instead only left a few messages on her Twitter. She first wrote, “Truth without the facts,” and yesterday, followed up with a tweet apologizing to all the fans.