Hyelim, a member of the recently disbanded but legendary girl group Wonder Girls, explained why she enrolled into university so late. She was recently accepted to study interpretation at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

On tN’s “Taxi” on March 16, Hyelim said, “If I went to university when I was supposed to by age, I should have gone in 2011.”


She explained, “But I was in the United States at the time, promoting with Wonder Girls. I wasn’t able to go to school because of that, but I always had a passion for studying.” When asked how the other Wonder Girls members reacted, she said, “They didn’t offer much advice but really cheered me on. They congratulated me and cheered me on for pursuing something that I’m passionate about.”

She said, “I’m very interested in languages, so I wanted to learn them more systematically. I’m not perfect at them, but I speak English, Korean, Mandarin, and Cantonese.”

Best of luck to Hyelim!

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