Marking the four years T-ara has been together, Hyomin posted a collage of photos taken with all the girls on her Instagram. “I love you,” she added.

A variety of group photos feature the girls doing a variety of poses and being adorable. A single sunflower made a guest appearance.

T-ara had a very successful four years since their debut. With the release of “Lies,” the girls had a series of hit songs including “I Go Crazy Over You,” “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” “Roly Poly,” and “Lovey Dovey.” They also went through major tumbles as a group, primarily in a recent SNS controversy and new members switching in and out. They now function as the original six members that had debuted as T-ara.

Fans have also left congratulatory messages on Hyomin’s picture. “Congratulations,” “Let’s go long,” “I love you T-ara.”

t-ara 4 year collage